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Open Source @ Siemens

17th & 18th of May 2022

The annual event series by Siemens for all topics around open source software.

Open Source @ Siemens 2022

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We are preparing the recording behind the scenes to be published here at a later step. In the meantime please provide feedback via this form.


May 17th

Time (CEST) Title Speaker(s) Slides
09:00-09:45 Welcome and latest news on Open Source @ Siemens Roger Meier & Sandra Heller
10:00-10:45 The Role of Open Source in Germany - Results of the Open Source Monitor 2021 Frank Termer (bitkom)
11:00-11:20 Developing and maintaining python-gitlab Max Wittig & Nejc Habjan
11:20-11:45 Contributing to GitLab on behalf of Siemens Jonas Wälter (Noser Engineering)
11:45-13:00 lunch break
13:00-13:45 Empowering GraphQL at scale with Apollo open source tooling Andy Roberts (Apollo GraphQL)
14:00-14:45 What is the fuzz around serverless (containers)? Florian Forster (ZITADEL)
15:00-15:45 Traceability & Transparency: Diagnosing Distributed Systems in 2022 Tobi Appl & Alin Murarasu
16:00-16:45 Using Juju and Charmed Operators Michael C. Jaeger (Canonical)
17:00-17:45 10+ years building the cloud in Switzerland Pierre-Yves Ritschard (Exoscale)
17:45-18:30 Chat at the virtual bar or real bar for on-site guests
18:30-23:00 BBQ for on-site guests

May 18th

Time (CEST) Title Speaker(s) Slides
09:00-09:45 Coaty - Publish OSS to drive Industrial Research and Innovation Projects Markus Sauer & Hubertus Hohl
10:00-10:45 Open Source @ MindSphere Igor Milovanovic
11:00-11:45 Conan at scale Benoit Bleuze
11:45-13:00 lunch break
13:00-13:45 Xenomai & Real-Time Linux - Driving OSS Projects for Siemens Jan Kiszka & Florian Bezdeka
14:00-14:45 Using MTDA (Multi-Tenant Device Access) to test hardware Cedric Hombourger
15:00-15:45 Building a Linux client at Siemens Roger Meier & Markus Legner
16:00-16:45 Contributing to Open Hardware projects Dennis Brophy
17:00-17:45 keptn, Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration Oleg Nenashev (Dynatrace)
17:45-20:00 Chat at the virtual bar or real bar for on-site guests

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