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Open Source @ Siemens

17th & 18th of May 2022

The annual event series by Siemens for all topics around open source software.

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Open Source @ Siemens 2022

The 2022 Event was a success!

Thank you to all the speakers and attendees that joined us at our virtual event this year.

You can browse through our agenda below to rewatch the video recordings or view the slides.


May 17th

Time (CEST) Title Speaker(s) Slides Recording
09:00-09:45 Welcome and latest news on Open Source @ Siemens Roger Meier & Sandra Heller
10:00-10:45 The Role of Open Source in Germany - Results of the Open Source Monitor 2021 Frank Termer (bitkom)
11:00-11:20 Developing and maintaining python-gitlab Max Wittig & Nejc Habjan
11:20-11:45 Contributing to GitLab on behalf of Siemens Jonas Wälter (Noser Engineering)
11:45-13:00 lunch break
13:00-13:45 Empowering GraphQL at scale with Apollo open source tooling Andy Roberts (Apollo GraphQL)
14:00-14:45 What is the fuzz around serverless (containers)? Florian Forster (ZITADEL)
15:00-15:45 Traceability & Transparency: Diagnosing Distributed Systems in 2022 Tobi Appl & Alin Murarasu
16:00-16:45 Using Juju and Charmed Operators Michael C. Jaeger (Canonical)
17:00-17:45 10+ years building the cloud in Switzerland Pierre-Yves Ritschard (Exoscale)
17:45-18:30 Chat at the virtual bar or real bar for on-site guests
18:30-23:00 BBQ for on-site guests

May 18th

Time (CEST) Title Speaker(s) Slides Recording
09:00-09:45 Coaty - Publish OSS to drive Industrial Research and Innovation Projects Markus Sauer & Hubertus Hohl
10:00-10:45 Open Source @ MindSphere Igor Milovanovic
11:00-11:45 Conan at scale Benoit Bleuze
11:45-13:00 lunch break
13:00-13:45 Xenomai & Real-Time Linux - Driving OSS Projects for Siemens Jan Kiszka & Florian Bezdeka
14:00-14:45 Using MTDA (Multi-Tenant Device Access) to test hardware Cedric Hombourger
15:00-15:45 Building a Linux client at Siemens Roger Meier & Markus Legner
16:00-16:45 Contributing to Open Hardware projects Dennis Brophy
17:00-17:45 keptn, Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration Oleg Nenashev (Dynatrace)
17:45-20:00 Chat at the virtual bar or real bar for on-site guests

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